"Words of support from the Faith community, the commonwealth is for all of us" -- Father Jerry Creedon, current member of the VA Commission on Immigration

"I am sorry that the juggernant of prejudice has resulted in your resignation... I would come to your defense... I know MAS works to integrate Muslims in American mainstream... this is an extended hand from my community, let us do something together..." -- Rabbi J. Moline

"Dr. Omeish is one of two elected from his peers from among more than 300 physicians, and he was the recipient of the outstanding physician of the year award for 2007 in his hospital" -- Kate Hanley, Virginia Secretary of State

"Dr. Omeish is a respected physician and community leader... Dr. Omeish indicated that he did not want this controversy to distract from the important work of the Commission." -- Governer Tim Kaine, VA

"...the one thing we would like to make clear is the commitment Dr. Omeish has to democracy and more importantly peace... He is a committed family man, hard working and capable surgeon, and a good person... He is knowledgeable in basic tenets of the three Abrahamic religions and points to areas where they intersect, always searching for the common ground... we are upset and disheartened with what has happened to Dr. Omeish... We wish to speak up on his behalf." -- E. Bushmiller, RN, CNOR, B. Engler, BSN, CNOR, C. Hortman, RN.

"I have known you as a caring and skilled surgeon, a gentleman, and a family man. It is hard to imagine you as anything other than a pacifist... Rest assured that I, and all those I have spoken to, have not waivered in our support of you as a person and a surgeon, and are not swayed by media hype and political propaganda.. I wish you and your family peace during this stressful time, and remember that this too shall pass." -- Dr. L.Kerness, fellow physician.

"The smear campaign certainly did not mesh with my impression of you through your work at Alexandria hospital. My best wishes go out to you and your family during this very difficult time.One good thing about the US is that people eventually do blend together and learn from each other (it may take a century or so, but...)" - Dr. L. Stone, fellow physician.

"...what I do know is that you are the only surgeon whom I have been in a room with and together along with our OR staff for that day, we performed 6 surgical procedures and I don't think any of us made a dollar from any of those cases... you said to me 'someone needs to take care of these people and we can't turn them away' " -- S. Suazanne, OR nurse.

"You are an honorable man, very compassionate and caring, forthright and INVOLVED. There are far too many people in the world who do not possess your assets. You and your family are in my family's prayers. Keep the faith." -- C. Pattiv, former patient.

"As your patient and a Jew, anything but a supporter of Israel, but a Jew nonetheless, I have of course been very troubled by your recent difficulties... Having sat in your waiting room with a lot of other people, of varied hues and languages and circumstances, many of us of limited means who depended on you, I would find your loss to this particular community a genuine loss indeed." -- D. Fishlow, former patient.

"I wanted to make sure you are OK, Doc, you are a good man and what is happening is not fair" -- A. Jones, former patient.

"calling about your recent assault in the newspaper, I would like to be a positive advocate for you if you need me" -- Dr. L. Hammack, prominent surgeon and colleague.

"Stand strong, your cause is just" -- Dr A. Sabet.

"Hold your head high, I say do not let your heart be troubled, all will work out" -- Mrs. Fuller, former patient.

"America's tolerance and sense of justice will prevail" -- Dr. R. Dobrensky, a prominent oncologist.

"...you have handled with grace the indignity visited upon you... what you said was understandable and suitable for its context, and its misuse is regrettable and an injury to us all..." -- Attorney V. Glasberg.

"I read the article in the Washington Times and I just wanted you to know that I agree with you 100%" -- Mr. W. Bleinberger

"Thank you for your letter to the medical staff and your thoughtful expression of your world view. I know it must have been a horrible and difficult weekend for you and for that I am sorry. I just want you to know that you have my support" -- Dr. D. Nicholson, fellow physician.

"I had a botched conlonoscopy in July of this year. I was rushed to the ER with a punctured colon, and Dr. Omeish saved my life. For anyone thinking he is a terrorist or not a real doctor, please understand that he is a great man and without him I would be dead." -- J. Strucm, former patient

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